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I gave a seminar on thermal bridge analysis.

I was in charge of an intermediate to advanced level seminar as an optional study group for Passive House Japan.

It took more than a month of preparation to create the textbook and exercises. The actual event was a satisfying one, filled with just the right amount of tension and enthusiasm from the participants.

The main content was a thermal bridge analysis using a software called THERM, but we also gave a quick explanation of the mechanism of heat transfer leading up to that point and the meaning of the analysis.

The content of this book on the mechanism of thermal conduction is a condensed version of the know-how accumulated through university lectures and corporate seminars.

When I returned from Tokyo, I looked back at the text and was lost in thought for about an hour, thinking about how I had done a good job creating it and that it was finally finished.

So, starting today, I will switch my mindset and focus on my work. I apologize for keeping everyone waiting.

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