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Attending airtightness measurements

Yesterday we conducted airtightness measurements in Hamamatsu City.

This property is scheduled to be certified as a Passive House, an international standard.

Our company has been entrusted with the detailed design and application for Passive House certification.

The Passive House certification standard requires that the ventilation rate be 0.6 or less when a static pressure of 50 Pa is applied. This measurement requires both the standard decompression method and the pressurization method, which is time-consuming and more stringent than is generally considered to be the case.

The measurement result this time was "0.37 times at 50 Pa."

This cleared the criterion that I was most worried about, and all that was left for me to do was to put together my application form.

By the way, this building has a total floor area of about 30 tsubo, and even if you add up all the gaps, they only amount to about 15 cm2 (3 cm x 5 cm), which is equivalent to a C value of 0.1.

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