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Service contents

Our company is a design office specializing in wooden house design. We are a design office that is strong in technical fields such as structural calculations and thermal calculations. We provide design services specializing in wooden houses, including new construction, seismic retrofitting, insulation retrofitting, and more.

For general customers

General design work for new houses (wooden construction)

・Site investigation・General application・Design design

・Structural design・Environmental design

・Passive house design・Various performance evaluations

・Construction shop consideration ・Site supervision

The design fee isHere. We handle all design work related to wooden houses, including design, structure, energy saving, and various applications.

We also undertake checks on the structure and insulation of other companies' designs.

​ We will respond flexibly to your request regarding contract form.

For construction companies

Support for various application tasks (wooden construction)

・Confirmation application ・Sky rate calculation ・Real estate construction application ・76 application

・Afforestation application ・Scenic beauty application ・Constriction consultation

・Architectural agreement  ・Application for permission under Article 53, Paragraph 1 of the City Planning Act

・Long-term quality housing ・Low carbon housing ・BELS

​・Flat 35・Housing performance evaluation・ZEH

・Application for passive house certification


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