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Passive House

What is Passive House?

A passive house is a home that aims to improve the energy efficiency of a home so that it can be lived comfortably without relying on air conditioning or heating equipment.

By efficiently utilizing the sun's solar energy, indoor heat generation, and heat recovery through the ventilation system, there is no need for heating equipment even during the coldest winter months.

We aim to maintain the minimum amount of air conditioning even in the summer by making good use of solar shading and heat storage.

Passive house conditions

Passive House has the following standards:

・Annual heating energy demand is 15kWh per square meter

・The total annual energy demand, including heating and cooling, home appliances, hot water, etc., is 60kWh per square meter.

- Concerning airtightness, the C value is 0.2 or less (ventilation frequency is 0.6 or less under 50Pa pressurization)

​Basic specifications

Insulation; U value 0.15W/㎡K or less

Window; U value 0.80W/㎡K or less, η value 0.5 or less

Heat exchanger; heat exchange rate 75% or more

Airtight; ventilation frequency 0.6 or less (at 50Pa pressurization and decompression)

​Thermal bridge; Take care to avoid thermal bridges at all edges and corners. Minimize thermal bridging.

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