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[Design policy]

・We design as faithfully as possible to your requests.

- Emphasize quality and avoid designs that are biased toward design.

・Always think about what is positive for the customer.

[Design description]

·preliminary survey

We will investigate legal building restrictions and have preliminary discussions with related organizations.

・Site investigation

Site survey (separately)

Ground investigation (separately)


We would like to hear your request.

·basic plan

We will create a basic design based on the hearing. (Layout plan, floor plan, elevation, cross section, image perspective)

Here we will consider the design and floor plan.

・Sunshine check (optional service)

We perform a shadow simulation based on the surrounding situation.

·basic design

Once the basic plan is finalized, we will carry out structural planning and environmental design. (Specifications, rectangle drawings, shell calculation sheets)

Here, we will consider earthquake resistance class and energy saving performance.

·final design

We will consider the details and components. (Detailed drawings, various structural drawings, electrical equipment drawings, water supply and drainage equipment drawings)

・Interior coordination (optional service)

Indoor color coordination, furniture and curtain selection

・Exterior design (optional work)

Garden design, planting plan

・Explanation of design details

We will explain the design details for confirmation and finalize the design.

​・Various application work

・Various performance certification services

・Consideration of construction company

·site management

・Business completion report

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