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Off Grid House Project

3 concepts

  1. Not tied to infrastructure

  2. ​You can move the whole house

  3. ​It's kind of fun


The size is based on the size of a sea container (can be transported on a trailer).

​The floor plan is free, and we will propose playful optional units.


​Lighting equipment

air conditioner

Solar power

storage battery


Heat exchanger

Toilet (optional)

​Mini kitchen (optional)

Shower room (optional)


It shall be made of wood.

Perform allowable stress calculation.

Ensures 33% more strength than earthquake resistance grade 3 (twice the standard law).


Ua value 0.4 (W/㎡K)Based on.

Laws and regulations

・Application for confirmation: Required in principle

・Fire prevention regulations

Fire prevention area: In principle, construction is not allowed (only attached buildings can be constructed)

Semi-fire prevention area: Construction possible with conditions (installation of fire prevention shutters required)

Article 22 area; construction possible

・Structural regulations

Compliance mandatory

Allowable stress calculation is optional


It shall meet deterioration prevention grade 3 (Japanese Housing Display Standards, H13 National Notification No. 1346, Quality Assurance Act)


The target is 3.5 million yen (excluding tax), including foundation work and transportation costs.

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