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structure plan

Structure type

There are three main types of housing structures to choose from: reinforced concrete, steel frame, and wood. When selecting a material, it is necessary to consider durability, strength, flexibility in floor plan, cost, environmental impact, etc.

​ We believe that wooden construction is the best structure for housing. Also, unlike other structures, wooden structures are greatly influenced by the floor plan. It is necessary to consider plans that always keep the structural plan in mind.


This is a simple structural examination method. When considering the structure of a house, it is based on the theory that all you need to do is check the amount of walls. In response to the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the 1/4 method and pullout hardware were introduced in 2001, but these structural examination methods have many loopholes.

​ Think of it as the minimum structural check required by the Building Standards Act. It is not suitable for considering buildings with a high level of design, such as large atriums or curved plans.

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・​ Regulations for load-bearing walls

Allowable stress calculation

The series of designs we perform always includes allowable stress calculations.

As with reinforced concrete and steel buildings, we check the strength of columns and walls, the rigidity of floors and roofs, the deflection of beams, etc. based on a method called allowable stress calculation.

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