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Request list dated 2019/02/12

○1000_Layout, design, plan*Under consideration✓Solved

1010_When I checked with my parents, they said it was okay to tear down all the gates, so please build the house east to the gate.

I would like a study corner in 1020_LDK that is large enough for two people to use. 2/4*

1030_I want to turn the pilotie part into a room. 2/7*

1040_I want to change the direction of the bathroom 2/8*

1050_The kitchen is an island type with a size of 2746 x 970. Place the 1050 x 520 cupboard currently in use behind it. 2/10*

1060_ Since we are cooking for two people, I looked on the internet and found that there are about 1200 between the kitchen and the cupboards, but what is the actual situation? 2/11*

○2000_Various performances, applications, etc.
○3000_Finishing materials, material quality, and other specifications
○4000_Air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, water supply and drainage, gas
○5000_Durability, anti-termite and anti-mold
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